Why You Should Drink Cold-Pressed

by OTC Beverages Admin on January 07, 2022


Not all juice is created equal.

The pasteurised process modern juices go through strips away the quality we received from the juices our grandmothers made.

This is because heat is used in the pasteurisation process, and this destroys the vital nutrients and living enzymes.


Why Are Modern Drinks Pasteurised?

Pasteurisation helps prolong the shelf life of drinks so businesses use this method to increase their returns. Unfortunately, this practice contributes to the low vitamin and mineral intake our societies have.

This is why the cold-pressed movement has been making an impact worldwide.

It’s bringing back the same health benefits juices in the past had.

So now, here are some reasons why you should engage in cold-pressed drinks like our ancestors did.


It Ensures You Get Enough Daily Fruits and Vegetables

It can be difficult to keep up with getting your daily nutrients because it requires pre-planning meals every week.

It’s 2020 — most people live busy lives and don’t have the time to consistently plan there meals. Let alone, stick with their plan.

This is why cold-pressed drinks are powerful in this day and age.

The juice extracted from the fruit retains a high-percentage of its vitamins and minerals.

Plus, cold-pressed drinks are usually low in calories — this makes it easier to get your daily nutrition without having to be full.

One cold-pressed drink a day makes the stresses of getting nutrients go away.


Helps with Detoxification

If you’d like to give your digestive system a break, drinking cold-pressed beverages will assist your body in the right direction.

Your body won’t have the stress of breaking the fruit down — the enzymes, vitamins and nutrients start working immediately.

This is important because digestive issues can prevent you from absorbing the nutrients of fruits and vegetables. Cold-pressed juice increases the chances of absorption.


Higher Vitamin Intake

Vitamin C is known for assisting the body with growth and development — from your skin to your immune system. As we all know, this vitamin has a high count in oranges.

Orange juice is a highly consumed juice but without it being cold-pressed, all that vitamin C goodness is gone.

You are now just drinking orange juice for its taste and without the health benefits while thinking that it’s healthy — like a placebo.

Cold-pressed juices validate the healthy taste you experience from drinking any juice.


Not all cold-pressed drinks are recommended

Whenever you find a cold-pressed drink, read the label and verify if it’s organic and not sugar-filled water. If you see ingredients which resemble science equations, look elsewhere. Only choose the drinks that have fewer ingredients which can be easily recognized.


Where to get cold-pressed drinks?

Cold-pressed drinks can be found in health stores, coffee shops and supermarkets.

If you’re looking for one with a Caribbean taste, we provide ginger and sorrel beverages. As it’s cold-pressed, you’ll also receive the trace vitamins and minerals that are easily lost with slight processing.